Here's some accounts from a few people who have been involved in Elijah House as leaders or participants

Anglican Vicar and qualified counsellor

As vicar of St. Mary's Pro Cathedral, New Plymouth, one of the most valuable initiatives I undertook was to invite Elijah House to conduct a school for myself and seven key people from the parish.

I had a desire to experience emotional healing of hurts which, like many other people, I have carried for most of my life. I certainly was not disappointed. Through the leadership of that School (Michael and Peggy Powell (Wellington) and Duncan Graham (Christchurch), and the grace of the Holy Spirit working in our midst I became a changed man.

As a qualified counsellor I have found EH prayer ministry to be the most valuable 'method' of any I have worked with. It is through sensitive prayer and discernment that the leaders invited the Holy Spirit's presence to work, guide and heal.

We can so easily forget this principle and offer ministry in our own strength, relying upon our own skills. Then we wonder why there hasn't been lasting change in the other person - so little fruit for our endeavours!

I found the school to be comprehensive and Biblical. It also effectively addressed some difficult pastoral matters which ministers often struggle with before eventually putting into the 'too hard basket'.

I know of no more effective way than EH prayer ministry to 'set the captives free' to praise and worship God, and to serve as disciples.

Since that time we have conducted numerous schools and it has been wonderful to see some people from the various churches attend and then lead subsequent schools and join the Executive.

I encourage ministers and pastors to either undergo the training themselves, or to send representatives with responsibility for pastoral care in their churches.

David Hollingsworth


I am a graduate of the Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry (A/B course in 2008, and C/D course in 2010).

Having been in ministry as a local church pastor for many years, the Elijah House course was timely for my spiritual pilgrimage. It's been a catalyst under the Holy Spirit to reach a new level in prayer ministry.

The theory is presented by experienced teachers who identify spiritual 'blockages' that hinder us from enjoying fullness of life in Christ, and guidelines on how to deal with them.

In the practical small group sessions we receive ministry and minister to others. I found this time, with Duncan Graham, 'revelatory' for areas in my own life that had to be dealt with at the cross.

It isn't a counselling course, although counseling skills are used. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, it takes people who are under bondage to the cross for inner healing and deliverance, and then equips them to live victorious resurrection lives and minister the same to others.

I have been amazed at how the Holy Spirit uses the principles like keys to unlock hidden rooms in peoples' lives. Their eyes have been opened for the first time and they're experiencing the joy of their salvation.

I gladly recommend this course to you.

Leighton Mossop

Women's small group leader

In April 2008 I took over the leadership of an established group of women, most of whom are, or have been, married with children.

Before long, the they were asking me why I pray the way I do? How do I know what to do or say with some of the situations? Well God gives me wisdom for each scenario, plus anointing for the meetings, but He has also taught me a great deal through the EH school in 2000.

Hunger for true, lasting answers and change grew in the group as some traumatic scenarios were shared. We were literally 'Doing Life Together'.

I was introduced to the Personal Growth and Healing studies, for people who could not commit to a whole school but wanted more truth in their lives. From the very first mentioned of it, the consensus was yes, yes and yes. Sometimes, one night wasn't enough to cover a study and we simply prayed into areas that arose from previous teachings. We tackle prickly subjects like generational sin, prenatal issues, bitter roots, honouring parents, and basic trust.

How amazed I am that we in the Western world can be so ignorant of some of this teaching. Praise God for this resource! We have seen each person come to new revelation in different areas particularly that we are all broken in some way, and have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Some fruits have been: unemployed people got their ideal job, safe delivery of babies, financial provision and blessing, freedom from illness and pain, and restoration of relationships. The group has doubled to 10!

God is calling his people in these last days to a refined walk, taking responsibility to ensure we are on HIS narrow path of righteousness in the wholeness of Christ. How can the army of God be mobilised to be agents of restoration if we haven't received restoration ourselves?

Angela Callebaut

Course participant

This "Personal Growth & Healing" course was a blessing! It revealed to me, one step at a time, my flaws as God showed me where I was really at in my beliefs and behaviour.

Over the 15 weeks of the course, there were times when I was taken out of my comfort zone. However to quote from the book "The Elijah Task"

"The Holy Spirit guarantees only the finished product, not our dignity along the way! Be ready to be humbled".

With those words of encouragement I pressed on and faced the "stuff" which had to be dealt with - unforgiveness, rejection, and generational sin.

At last through this course I have been put on the right track to facing and tackling what has been stopping me getting to where I so desperately want to be. Now for the first time I feel and know that I BELONG TO THE FAMILY OF GOD. This has been an emotional moment of revelation to me a huge breakthrough for strongholds to be pulled down and to be able to surrender to Him and to have no doubts that GOD LOVES ME!

I do believe that God has truly brought me through this course to give me a "make-over", a deeper spiritual cleansing. I will be forever grateful to Him, to those who have planned this course, and to those who are willing to help to see lives changed, built up, and healed. I say a heartfelt "Thank you very much"

Bev Hickling

Excerpts from school feedback surveys:

  • 'One of the biggest leaps forward in Christ in my life'
  • 'A great experience with real life application'
  • 'I sensed a growing freedom in the Spirit, also an opening of my mind to new and exciting thoughts as to how others can be set free from burdens. I was aware of God's goodness.'
  • 'I found it amazingly liberating for me and found it increased my love and appreciation of the Lord.'
  • 'I feel so blessed to have been able to take in all the teachings. The fellowship of the group is awesome.'
  • 'It was good to have the opportunity to attend a second time. This was very consolidating and encouraging as the first time was rather emotionally overwhelming so not everything was taken in.'
  • 'It was thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial. I experienced continued revelation and was given plenty of practice at ministry skills.'
  • 'I was heard, respected, known, held, and blessed as well as having His Way modelled. We were taught so well.'
  • 'Awesome, enlightening knowledge and practical application. Very liberating from old patterns of behaviour. I'm so grateful to have been able to participate.'


Comments from individuals:

  • 'I have found the Elijah House teaching to be a benefit both in my own life and experience and also in providing basic training for those involved in prayer ministry in their own churches.' Pastor John
  • 'In my opinion, the course teaches the most important Scripture-focused approach to personal growth and personal welfare, that I have encountered in my Christian life.'
  • 'This course has been a tremendous revelation and has helped me to get to the roots of problems, from which I am being healed and set free. It has helped me to break negative mind sets, to stop blaming others, to get in touch with my feelings and be able to express them. The small group has offered great love and support. I am grateful - Thank You Jesus!'
  • 'The ministry at the Elijah House School throughout the three weeks has brought me through a dark tunnel and I have come out into the light of God's glory.'


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