Healing Trauma Webinar Help

Some things are not working as smoothly as we had hoped with the registration and connection process, so here is a detailed step-by-step guide which will hopefully cater for most problems in joining the Healing Trauma Webinar on 28-30 April 2020, 7pm-9pm NZST.

1. Even if you registered for the online Healing Trauma webinar last week, you still need to register with WebinarJam.  Start this process by clicking this link: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/1/r4l9yfv

2. A webpage should appear.  Click the blue "REGISTER" button near the bottom of the page.

3. A form should appear.

  • In the 2nd field, select your time zone ("Auckland, Wellington" if you are in NZ), but not a big problem if you get this wrong wherever you are, as long as you join the webinar by 7pm NZST 28-30 April.
  • Click the 1st field ("Select date").  If you can't click the option you want (as can happen due to some bug), click any option, as you should still get a link which can be used for all 3 days of sessions.
  • In the 3rd field enter your first name, or all the first names of those watching your device with you if you like (e.g. Adam & Eve).
  • In the 4th field carefully enter your email address.  Double check this is correct otherwise you won't receive the email with the link you need.
  • Click the "REGISTER NOW" button.

4. The page that appears should have a link at the bottom of it.  That link is all you need to access all 3 days of sessions.  Take a copy of it if you like, but see next step...  Update: See the "Update" in step 10, below.  You can just click that link at the bottom of the page that appears, fill in your name and email address, and proceed to step 7, below.

5. That same link should also be sent to you in an email with the subject "[Confirmation] Your webinar link", and you should have it within 30 minutes (but most likely much sooner, like 1 minute).

6. If you don't have the email within 30 minutes, check your Spam/Junk folder.  Failing that, carefully repeat once from step 1 above (registering multiple times is not a problem), and this time make sure you keep the copy of the link in step 4.

7. Click the link from the email, preferably as soon as you receive it so you can make sure it works as expected, (or if you didn't receive the emailed link proceed to step 8 with the link you copied in step 4).  You should now see the wording "START THE BROADCAST".  I suggest you click the triangle above that shortly after 6:30pm NZST on the Tue and 6:45pm NZST on the Wed & Thu.  Between then and 7pm NZST you should only see and hear preliminary media which you can use to confirm your audio and video is working, and the presenters should start around 7pm NZST.

8. If any of the above things don't happen, copy and paste the link into the address bar of any of these browsers: Chrome (recommended), or Firefox, Safari or Edge, and hit Enter or whatever, and return to the return to the 2nd sentence of step 7, above.

9. If the above still fail, or if it's all too confusing, contact EHNZ Tech Support (details below).

10. On Wed & Thu you should be able to use the same link from the email as you did for Tue, or you might receive the same link again in a new email shortly before the sessions.  Update: Sorry, but on 29 April night we discovered that if you use the link for a previous night's webinar, it will replay that webinar, unless you're using this link (https://event.webinarjam.com/go/live/1/r4l9yfvtqs6sl which should work for all 3 webinars, in which case please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page first).  But if you have registered for the 30 April session, you should receive an email at 9am, 6pm and 6:45pm NZST from "Peter Mancer" with a preferable link for you to use.  If you want to know if you are watching live, look for the chat window where you should see either "Chat mode" or "Q&A mode" and you might see people chatting.  The chat window should either be on the right or below the video.

11. After all 3 sessions are complete, we are hoping that the same link you received in step 4 or 5 will allow us to replay all 3 sessions, but we are not sure whether or how this will work yet.

EHNZ Tech Support contact details:

  • Landline: +64-4-977-7777 or 04 977-7777 from NZ.  (2pm - 8pm NZST)
  • Mobile: +64-27-440-6310 or 027-440-6310 from NZ (2pm - 8pm NZST)
  • Email: techsupport@elijahhouse.org.nz (any time but will mainly be processed 2pm - 8pm NZST).  If emailing, it may be best to include any NZ phone numbers (preferably landlines) so you can be called if required.

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