Who We Are

Sharing the love of Jesus to restore broken relationships and bringing healing to wounded hearts and lives;
Calling God's people to "restore the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers" and to "restore all things".

Elijah house is an inter-denominational group of people, started by John and Paula Sandford in the USA, working together to help the Church accomplish the 'Elijah Task' based on Malachi 4v5-6.

Elijah House unites people with Jesus so they may experience the transforming power of His death and resurrection. It serves to inspire and educate people to confess their sins, forgive, and equip one another towards maturity.

It is holistic a total 'sweep clean' including deliverance ministry, and total relational/ emotional healing. The intended outcome is positive social and community changes, including spiritually and emotionally healthy churches and families.

You can read more about the worldwide ministry on the international website

The NZ national ministry is overseen by:

  • Trust board chair person: Kevin Hight
  • Trust board members: Kevin Hight, Adrie & Karen van Driel, Kay Palmer, Peter Kersten
  • Spiritual advisers: Stuart & Lynley Allan

Serving and equipping the wider church

prayer ministry school lunch

Elijah House has grown to include people from a broad spectrum of Protestant, Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox churches - contributing to Christian unity.

It has centres in Austria, Finland, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.

It seeks to equip and encourage members of the Body of Christ, pastors, leaders, counsellors, lay ministers, and ordinary Christians.

The main ways that Eliah House does this are:

  • Teaching through books and videos
  • Running live schools and seminars
  • Training individuals to an advanced level
  • Providing prayer ministry to individuals

Affiliations to other organisations

The Elijah House organisation and members have connections to many churches, Christian leaders, organisations, and other emotional healing & deliverance ministries in the body of Christ.

In New Zealand this includes:

  • The Isaac Foundation led by Duncan Graham


  • Grant Mullen
  • John-Paul Jackson (Streams Ministries)

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